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Pamela Council wtf is juice-gw smile 2.jpg

wtf is juice/gw smile

wtf is juice/gw smile 

aka sculpture for what dat mouf do #1


65 x 100 x 48 in

sugar, water, purple, Purple Listerine, purple drank, George Washington's raggedy ass slaves' teeth dentures, gold party foil, Grapeade cans, lights, fountain, silk velvet with surface devoured (devoré) by the artist

wtf is juice / gw smile consists of a plastic party fountain filled with fragrant purple liquid (Purple Listerine + Grape Drink aka the purple stuff) placed on top of a column. The first thing you notice when it's in the room is the smell. The column has gold foil tissue paper and a stack of images of President George Washington's dentures-- which were made from snatched slave and animal teeth. The column is draped with white velvet which I have burned out with acid with my own designs, including a pattern with a hieroglyph for "mouth" and abbreviations for the phrase "what dat mouf do?" (WDMD).

The process of burning out is called "devoré," literally, devoured. The purple liquid splashes onto the velvet as the fountain runs, making it Colored. The train of the velvet is held down by a brick that has been covered in sneaker rubber. There are neon purple lights and grapeade cans within the sculpture as well.

Shown in "Memory Room" exhibition at Outpost Artist Resources, curated by Andrew Ross. 

Photos by Williamson Brasfield