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Stuck at Mashashimuet Park.jpg

Stuck at Mashashimuet Park

Stuck at Mashashimuet Park


Sag Harbor seashells in dime bags stapled onto silk velvet which has been painted, dyed, and burnt-out (devoré) by the artist, sole rubber on foam, iron hooks, hook fastener, backscratcher, brass lamp, earring hooks, patchouli perfume, one-hitter pipe, shine-thru & glow & burns

84 x 60 x 30 in

I use self-soothing tools in the Velvets in combination with the devore process of burning out velvet. Devore reminds me of a bad perm. I acid burn white velvet, burn it and flake away the nap to reveal an image. One hitters (weed pipe), seashells in dime bags, backscratchers, and sneaker rubber are other self soothing items that I use here.

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