....BLAXIDERMY...mad exuberant...womanspreading....



I make sculptures, drawings, prints, and performances that transform materials. I’m interested in how we construct our identities, ensure self-efficacy, and overcome adversity using the enduring values of humorstyle, and grace

I manipulate and repurpose objects and symbols that evoke memories, and use them to reference the enhanced or absent body. I have a background in sneaker production, which informs my interest in physical beauty, performance enhancing drugs, prosperity gospel, Ca$h Money, self-soothing, tacky-luxe objects, and Americana.

I manufacture my own materials such as velvet, church fans, and clay, and combine them with mass-produced products like acrylic fingernails, sneaker rubber, promotional products, backscratchers, and crackpipes. I freestyle with these; telling stories, making dedications, and leaving evidence.

I make white velvet Colored. I acid burn designs into it like Richard Pryor in flames, beat it up a little, then leave it to do a fragile dance with the wall, using crackpipes as curtain brackets. I make acrylic fingernails fly. I go through the spring-training-like motions of hand-painting 2000 replica nails of Flo Jo’s nails from the ’88 Olympics. I make them leap off of a 1:100 scale racetrack. I make a totem of a suburban mom’s feel-goods as a tribute: velvet with burned out Prozac pills, Mary Kay mirrors, surface-level buddhist symbolism, and New Age meditation amulets. I replace myself with a lump of china logos, one for each day I worked for the brand.

- Pamela Council, 2016