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Egyptologists Need Weaveologists

photo credit: Jolana Bos, via  livescience

photo credit: Jolana Bos, via livescience


For a few years, articles have been circulating on the well-preserved hair and hair extensions of women at Armana burial excavation in Egypt. No shocker that 2000 years ago the women wore hair extensions-- braids, weaves, and wigs!-- but what I was concerned about is that there is a Material Culture team that presents the findings on pottery, plaster, leatherwork, etc., but that team is missing a key member, a WEAVEOLOGIST!!! An expert who knows extensions in and out! With my light digging, I struggled to find an African person on the archaeology team at this site. Jolanda Bos is the human hair specialist and I hope that she has a great black weaveologist on retainer. Links to her latest findings here - http://www.livescience.com/47875-ancient-egyptian-woman-with-hair-extensions.html

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