Most of the art on this site is available for purchase, in addition to hundreds of other pieces that are not seen here. 

I also create commissions & special orders. 

There are THREE ways to buy my work:

1) call me at 929-333-4331

2) email me info@pamelacouncil.com

3) or buy select pieces online via my WEB STORE


Prosthetic silicone tiled on panel, reflecting on my only sense of relief as a queer youth- my sneakers. Relief tiles are sculpted using sneaker outsole textures collected during my time working in sneaker factories in Vietnam.

Each panel is unique and 16 inches x 16 inches in one of 12 tile designs and unlimited fleshy shades.

Delivery time is 6-8 weeks.

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Grace Saves


signed 10-color serigraph edition, printed at The Wassaic Project

Available with or without scratch-off gold coins. Typically, collectors purchase 2 of these- one with coins, and one without.

Printed area is 4 in x 8 in

Paper is 9 in x 12 in 

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Protective Style Screenprints


"Abacus" and "Protect Me"

2 - 25 in x 19 in serigraphs

Each is from an edition of 5

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Womanspreading (Red Drink)

This is my symbol for Womanspreading, women taking up all the space we need.

I designed it in 2014 after a subway incident….

This time I’ve drawn it in pen and crayon on paper that has been washed with Red Soda.

Enjoy the spread, sister.

Unique, handdrawn. Each version has slight variations.

7.5” x 7.5”

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