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Lately many new collectors have asked me about the process of buying art outside of a gallery! On this page, I make it really simple to for you to own a Pamela Council original.

Most of my art is available for purchase; whether on the website or off. I love to create commissions as well. Examples of these have included: prints, postcards, installations, public art, sculptures, awards and trophies, paintings, holiday card designs, logo design, exhibition design, protest posters, custom fountains, and more.

I don’t work with a gallery, so you can contact me directly for any inquiries. There are three ways:

1) Contact me at 929-333-4331 or email me info@pamelacouncil.com

2) Buy select pieces and merchandise online via my WEB STORE

3) Become a PATREON patron. You’ll get access to exclusive art and promotions!