...BLAXIDERMY...mad exuberant...


I am a change agent. I make sculptures, prints, and performances that transform materials, people, ideas, and institutions. I’m interested in how we soothe, protect, fashion, and enhance ourselves. I’m thinking about things like Americana, Black Girl Magic, the pleasure principle, biomechanics, touch, finding the humor in all things, protective hairstyles, performance enhancing drugs, reframing history, trauma, prosperity gospel, and luxuriating. I manufacture my own materials like velvet, clay, and silicone objects, and combine them with mass-produced products related to self-soothing and bodily comfort. These include acrylic fingernails, sneaker rubber, engagement ring displays, incense, beauty products, backscratchers, lotion, and crackpipes. I freestyle with these; telling stories, making dedications, and leaving evidence.

Seeking reparations is a part of my practice.